Thank you for enabling us to help fund the lifesaving research that will one day result in a CURE.

Thank you for joining the fight against LGL Leukemia by making a financial contribution to the UVA Cancer Center's LGL Leukemia Program.

We have worked directly with the UVA Health Foundation to create a fundraising page dedicated to raising support for Dr. Loughran and his team, as they strive to better understand LGL Leukemia and identify new and better way to treat and manage this disease. Instead of directing support to the LGL Leukemia FOUNDATION, we ask that you now make your contributions directly to the UVA LGL Leukemia Program. You can find the NEW LGL Leukemia Giving Page site at: Get Involved UVA Health LGL Leukemia Program

Your tax-deductible gift will make a real impact on someones life-perhaps even your own! It's faster and easier than ever to support the fight against LGLL-you can make your donation online by simply clicking on the ​GET INVOLVED ​link above.

If you prefer, you can also send your gift check-made out to the UVA Health Foundation at the address listed below:

UVA Health Foundation
PO Box 800773
Charlottesville, VA  22908-0773

Any amount, great or small, helps in the fight. Thank you for your support.