Help Thomas P. Loughran, MD

Help Thomas P. Loughran, MD and his team learn more about LGL leukemia and how to treat it. Anyone with LGL leukemia is eligible to enroll.The purpose of the registry is to obtain research samples and clinical information from people with LGL Leukemia. Participation in this research is completely voluntary and separate from any testing done as part of your clinical care.


  • Study patients over an extended period of time to learn more about the disease.
  • Collect and store blood and tissue samples from LGL leukemia patients. These samples may be used to develop new tests or treatments for the disease.

Participation involves you and your doctor. Patients will need to:

  • Provide informed consent
  • Complete a questionnaire
  • Provide blood samples approximately 1 - 2 times each year
  • Provide a saliva sample once

Your doctor will need to:

  • Review the consent form with you
  • Complete two questionnaires
  • Submit your blood samples to UVA
  • Complete a yearly questionnaire about your medical history

To become apart of the FREE #LGLL #Registry,

Please contact

Andrea Hines | LGL Leukemia Registry Senior Data
UVA Cancer Center
Tel 434.297.8108 l Fax 434.243.8664
PO Box 801378, Charlottesville, VA 22908
345 Crispell Dr., MR6, Rm G520 |