Meet Jim ~

After a couple years of having a strange eczema looking rash on my right hip, I saw a regular dermatologist. They gave me a topical cream. There were no results after 2 weeks.  The Dermatologist decided to do a biopsy.  The results showed Basel cell skin cancer.  My doctor was not convinced.  He did two more biopsies with differing results.  They referred me to Dermatologist Oncologist at Ohio State.

My new Dermatologist ordered standard blood tests. My white count was in the gutter.  I met with a Hematologist Oncologist and after a bone marrow biopsy, we were told I had T-cell LGL. (CD8). I began Methotrexate, then Cyclophosphamide, cyclosporine A and Cytoxan via an IV.  Nothing worked, except tapers of Prednisone periodically, because my HgB was very low.

In February of 2014, was the worst I ever felt.  I started blood transfusions every other day.  They decided that the rapidly enlarging spleen must be removed, because the doctors believed that the hemolytic anemia was the manifestation of the LGLL.  In August, 2014, I had a splenectomy.  My HgB has been rising every month since.  I am cautiously optimistic.


April 3, 2015 – Plain City, OH (Columbus)